Monday, February 16, 2009

Something to Crow about!

20 years ago I was trying to tell the nurses and doctors at St. Joesph hospital, in Phoenix, that "this baby is coming!" They were so calmly telling me that "it" probably wouldn't be here for another 12 hours!.....

...... Less than an hour later they were having me walk from a regular room to a new fandangle "labor, delivery, recovery room". Yes, 20 years ago, this was a NEW thing.

Feeling like "it" was going to drop out onto the floor at any time, I stopped when I got half way across the hall and said "How much further?". Nurse replies, "just across the hall". Trying to keep my legs together and squeezing to keep the baby in, I take tiny baby shuffles to the room "just across the hall". I sit on the edge of the bed to take a breather before trying to put my body in the bed, I say to "its" dad, "it's coming!" He looks down at this time to see the baby crowning! He then yells, "it's coming," to the nurse that was walking out the door. She comes back to see the baby crowning and starts to yell, "We need a doctor in here!"

Needless to say my little Kelsie Lou was not waiting for any doctor. She was born with a little owie across the middle of her nose where I sat on her face!!!
Pretty cute for having her face sat on!!

Happy Birthday my sweet Kelsie Lou!

I love you more than I can ever express!
You have been such a great blessing to me. I feel so fortunate to have called you mine!
You have always brought joy to our family. Thank you for being you!
Here's to another 20 years!

Kelsie wanted Pazookies for her birthday cake. Needless to say I could not find 6" round pans anywhere. We had square Pazookies. Each candle is a decade!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Bird Flu



All kinds of flu's fluttering, fleeing, flying, by.

One just happened to stop by my work and hit 4 of us.
Snuffling, Sneezing, Coughing, Aching, oh wait...
...That's a commercial.

But that's pretty much how I feel!!
Tissues all over the house.

Cough drop wrappers thrown everywhere.
Dishes stacked to the ceiling, yep, Mom is sick.