Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bird Feeders

Little Benson definitely is as tiny as a baby birdie!

Uncle Jordan got to feed him. Jordan's first baby feeding.

Last week Benson turned 6 weeks and weighed 8 pounds.

He's getting big!

Do you see the shade of auburn hair?!

What a cutie!! And the big kid is pretty cute too!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Birds of Prey (Pray)

I have THE most amazing Sunday School class. And adorable too! I'm supposed to be the teacher, but, there is not a Sunday that goes by that they don't teach me something. They are all very smart. There are a couple of kids missing from the picture, and the Sunday School Secretary got into the picture. (Better him than me.) I Love you guys!

New Camera!

I have a new camera!! It is awesome!! And as soon as I learn to use it, it will be even better!! All the pictures are coming out pretty blurry. I can't seem to hold it still. Besides the fact that it's blurry, isn't he the cutest little boo ever!!! Of course, I'm a little bias. He is doing very good, and so are his Mommy and Daddy.

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Hatching!

He's Here! He's Here! He's Here!!

What a long week. Probably much longer for Kyle and Jamie than Grammie (me).He arrived Friday the 14th at 4pm. He came 5 and a half weeks early. After hours of labor and over an hour of pushing for an extremely exhausted Jamie, you finally hear the awesome sound of a baby crying! Remember all the pacing that Kyle did all week around Jamie's bed side.... Friday morning at 3am he had a stomach bug and went home to die!! So when the baby came he heard the birth via telephone. I was with Kyle and that's why I say the "awesome sound of baby crying". Kyle was kind enough to put it on speaker phone so grammie could listen in. Weighing in at a whopping 6 lb 3 oz and 18 and a half inches long, much bigger than expected.

Yesterday I went to see my second grandson for the first time. I found him in his mamma's arms, both fully content, and both looking beautiful. Jamie is so beautiful and as you can see from the picture, he is PERFECT!! and BEAUTIFUL!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Early Bird gets the worm!

I've got a grandson coming 6 weeks early!!!

Jamie has been in the hospital since Monday. She has been poked and prodded and still says, in her sweet little tiny voice, "thanks for coming, I love you!"

Kyle is wearing the floor out around her bed. Waiting on her hand and foot! What a sweet, sweet man!

Kelsie is accommodating her brother with food, and bringing survival needs for Jamie. Kelsie is SOOO compassionate, which I truly believe she inherited from her Aunt Bobe!!

I will keep you posted on the arrival of the newest Sprouse member.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Random Things

Thanks for the tag Alex!

I'm supposed to tell 5 to 7 random things about myself.

Well, I've thought about it all day at work.
Like you, Alex, I too rub my feet together when I'm falling asleep. But if there are other feet in the bed then rubbing my feet on theirs is nice!
My OLDER and much wiser sister, Annette and I slept in the same bed in our teenage years. It drove her crazy. She would get so mad cuz my feet would go over toward hers and start rubbing, she would FREAK! She would draw an imaginary line down the bed and if any part of me crossed the "line" she would start hitting! Which was quite a rude awakening when I was almost to sleep.

I sucked my thumb till I was 11!! And no, my teeth are not bucked!!
I just have to fill my mouth with something at all times.
Hence the weight problem.
Maybe at 40 something I should go back to sucking my thumb!!!
Hummm.....New Diet!!! Cheap too!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Woo Hoo! I'm a blogger!

I know, I know, it's about time!
Even my little sister Bobe beat me to it!
Put me to shame, she's really good at doing that!
I guess if you do great and exciting things,
then you have great and exciting things to blog about!

So this is a pre-warning!
I have really nothing to blog about.

Except my children and family, pictured above.
That would make this a brag spot.
Not a blog spot.
So bear with me--
With a little help from my beautiful niece Alex,
I might be able to post some pics and fun things on here!