Sunday, May 31, 2009

Garbage Sale

We had a couple of garage sales to earn money for Jordan to go on his scuba trip to Bonaire.

He got scuba certified last year and joined my sister, Bobe and her family in their scuba post.

We had to come up with 650 dollars. Which is a great price for flight, food, and lodging for 8 days.

Jordan sold almost everything from his room and talked his brothers and sisters into selling their
goods too!

What's a garage sale without TONS of shoes?

Everyone with their favorite Sonic Drink!

And Adam with his spidey man mask!
We tried to make him sell it, he just couldn't part with it!

Lots of fun was had, lots of laughs were heard, and Jordan was able to go on his scuba trip!
Check back soon.....
.....Scuba Pics are coming soon!


Kelsie said...

hahah that pic of adam still gets me every time! sweet post cant wait for some scuba ones

Logan and Ryan said...

Jordan is so brave to go scuba diving. We went snorkeling in Fiji and it seriously freaked me out being out there in the ocean.