Friday, April 3, 2009

Easter Baby

28 years ago on April 19th it was Easter Sunday.
My water had broken the day before and I was headed to the hospital.
My doctor, an elderly man, friend of the family, was on his way to Easter Services.
Bolo tie in place, he made his way to what was called back then, McKay Dee Hospital.
Because I was not in labor, they had to induce, this word from here on out was a cuss word!

About 6 hours into the pain I was begging that sweet doctor of mine for a "C section". He looked at me with those sweet grandpa eyes and said "you will hate me if I do that to you". Unfortunately this went on for 6 more long horrible hours. Then finally they gave me an epidural. Life was good and they could barely keep me awake!

After pushing FOREVER and not feeling a thing, out came the cutest papoose ever!
Weighing in at 8 pounds and 19 inches long, black hair sticking straight up, pudgy cheeks and beautiful skin!

What a great Easter present!! Jessica was the best baby, and ever so fun to show off.
She has had personality plus from the beginning. Loved the spotlight and still does.

At 14 months old she won the Cherry Days Baby Pageant in North Ogden, Utah. She performed for the judges as if she knew what was going on. She got crowned the Queen and there was also a King. He was about 20 months old and when they put the crowns on their heads she reached over and took his off. He cried like, well, a baby. She didn't care, no one was sharing the stage with her! She OWNED the spotlight!! We had the priviedge of riding in the Cherry Days parade on the 4th of July. IT WAS SNOWING!!! Freezing cold! Jessica's cute little button nose was as red as a cherry. She was as happy as could be bouncing to the music from the band and smiling and waving at everyone. She knew how to steal the show.
11 months old-her first perm!

Jessica was the sunshine in our home. She sang and danced all through the house from sun up to sun down.

Jessica will always be my sunshine! I love my Easter Baby!

3rd grade
P.S. You should hear how she dogs on me for dressing her and doing her hair like this.
9th grade

Happy Birthday Jessica! I love you!


J Sprizz said...

Holy Cow Mom! I am sitting here crying like a baby!! I love you with all my heart! Thanks for being the best. I know Heavenly Father set me to be with you! YOU are my sunshine! I love you!

Kelsie said...

aaaww so sweet! what an awesome post. jessie is for sure one of a kind. and one of the best with a big heart. im so proud to call her my sister and im so glad she was sent to our family. Heavenly Father knew we needed her. love you!