Monday, April 20, 2009


Happy, Happy, Birthday Kyle dear!!
After experiencing childbirth with Jessica, I said NEVER AGAIN!!
I stuck to it for 6 years. When I found out that I was pregnant again, I cried for the full 9 months!
I know! What a big cry baby I was!!!
Kyle was the easiest baby to have!!
I went into labor, 2 hours later he was out, not even enough time to even think about any kind of pain killer.
There was no need. BUT WAIT!!!
The pain killers came AFTER the delivery. I was hemorrhaging and they had to INDUCE (there's that word again!) me to try to stop the bleeding.
All was well after 3 more days in the hospital with a fever and an infection.
Then the fun came!!!
Kyle returned the favor....
...he cried continuously for about 9 months!!! Okay, maybe 3 months, it just seemed like 9 months.

Does this little guy look very sweet?Looks are very deceiving!!
This little guy was the silent, sneaky kind!

One day, just like all the others, I'm running through our upstairs, 2 story apartment, which was a mere 800 sq feet, searching for Kyle and frantically saying his name--okay, YELLING his name. Could not hear him, could not see him. Found him up in the bedroom window sill leaning against the glass, eating a cookie.

Another time, same thing but found him on the counter, in the kitchen, huddled in the corner by the microwave, yep, eating a cookie.

If there was something to get into, Kyle was there!! He found anything and everything that he shouldn't have. Jessica was the perfect big sister. With her dancing and singing through the house he could get away with anything. Kyle didn't have to talk. If there was something he wanted, he got it for himself.

Everyday was a new adventure with Kyle. Those few short mischief years seemed like forever. All of the trouble he got into as a little guy was worth it. He turned out to be quite the kid. Very loving, and very kind-hearted.

This sweater vest makes him look like a choir-boy! He'll love me for this one!

Kyle, Happy 22nd birthday!!! You have always made me very proud to be your mom. Thank you for all your love and kindness! You have always been such a great example to our family! It is so awesome to see how you have grown in the gospel and I'm so very grateful for your testimony! You are an amazing son, brother, husband and father!! I love you bud!!


Kelsie said...

HAHA kyle and his cookies. what a great big brother so full of love and mischief. as his shadow i must say everyday was an adventure. im so greatful for him and his example and i love him to pieces!

Jamie said...

awh mom i love your post, you made me choke up at the end! Thanks for raising such a sweet boy! i love kyle with all my heart! he's always been there for me without fail... hes a great husband and father, i couldnt ask for anything better, I love you mom thanks for giving birth to him, i dont know what i would do without my Kyle..

J Sprizz said...

Ohhh was the worst of was the best of times! Kyle you are my hero! I have no one in my life that has ever trusted me like you have. You even trusted me enough to let me give you my anything-you-can-find-in-the-cabinet cocktail. What a Concocktion that was. WHHOOAA WHOOOO! Kyle you are my little bro but I look up to you with everything you do. Stay strong in your church callings and keep being an awesome husband and dad, Unless of course you and Benson get in a fight then he can come live with me. HAHA Love you!!

Alexa Mae said...

love this post and all the pics. kyle is an amazing man!! you did a wonderful job. i love you and kyle so much.