Friday, April 3, 2009

The "T's" have it!

Alex gave me the letter "T" to blog about!

To Tell The Truth i Totally Think T's are Terrific!!!

T is for Trolls!

Not that I really love them, but I put it on here
for my friend Becky! Because she makes me laugh
and I'm trying to return the favor!

T is for Twighlight,

I've read each book 2 x's,
Seen the movie 5.
I can't even begin to pick a favorite character,
but if I was forced,
Jacob would have my vote.
Although I did get a vampire fettish after I saw the movie!

T is for Tanning!

Nothing like the feel of the sun on your skin,

toes in the sand,

and listening to the waves!

T is for Temples

Click here for an awe inspiring moment.

About 8 years ago, a little girl, about 6 years old, got up and bore her testimony.
She said that she would be going to the Temple when she grew up, if she behaved herself!
That is my goal too!

T is for Tulips!

Who doesn't love flowers? I love all flowers,
but I think tulips fall somewhere in my top 3.
They are such a beautiful display of nature's creation!

T is for Treadmill

Which I have a love hate relationship with!!
I dread getting up and getting on it in the mornings,
But love the way it makes me feel afterwards!!!

I'm sure I've missed many more "T's" that I love,
but I can't think of anymore. If you would like to do a letter blog, just let me know, and I will assign you a letter, like Y!! JK!


Tynel said...

Lovin all those T's- but I think you forgot one....TYNEL!!! J/K- love you

Alexa Mae said...

those were great ones!! so cute. that troll picture made me laugh. you forgot one of ur fav shows...The bachelor.